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Oral Communication


  • “Very well organized, presenters engaged and friendly when talking”
  • “Maintained professionalism during a scare and tense situation“
  • “Very clear speaking”
  • “Learning outcomes explained well”
  • “Presenters were knowledgeable”
  • Good answers to questions
  • “Learning issues discussed thoroughly”
  • “Handled presentation well after interruption”

Case Study 1 Presentation- Student Feedback

Subsidiary Skills: Maintain professionalism in alarming, stressful situations, Confidence

Date: March 4th, 2015

After creating an executive summary in which we propose solutions to a real-world foodservice scenario, we presented our proposed solution to the rest of the NS 4880 students. I presented the alternative solution section and was able to knowledgably field questions following the presentation. During the presentation, one of our team members had a medical emergency and I needed to stop presenting so she could be helped. The student feedback delineates the clarity and preciseness of the presentation, as well as my ability to maintain professional demeanor in an alarming situation. 

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Final Presentation

Subsidiary Skills: Microsoft Office Suite, Organization, Marketing, Relationship-Management

Date: May 5th, 2015

Following our themed dinner, we presented the culmination of our experiences to the NS 4880 Teaching Team & staff, DNS Director, and the Director of Dining, among others. I helped turn a draft of non-similar slides into a professional presentation. I honed my ability to succinctly express a large quantity of information coherently in a small amount of time. Furthermore, I had to diffuse tense situations between group members when tensions were high.

Download original presentation by clicking here

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.